About Allena

Hey y'all! My name is Allena! I’m a life + style blogger located in Houston, TX. Welcome to my humble little corner of the internet. I regularly publish lifestyle, home decor, style, travel, finances, and day-to-day content.

I’ve been creating content for almost three years now. In college, I founded an art festival that forced me to create marketing items was where I first discovered my love for content creation. Now, I have started a new journey, Allena Natchez, a life and style blog/vlog, focused on making twenty-something living a bit more bearable — and stylish.


I’m currently a full-time social media strategist for a creative consultancy. I focus on growing clients' social channels in order to increase their businesses. On top of that, I am thinking about starting a business and looking to dip into tech. You’re probably wondering how I have a blog, publish vlogs on YouTube, and doing all the other things while working a full-time job. Truthfully, these are all things I love to do.

I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA for most of my life. In 2019, I moved to Chicago to pursue my passions of musical theater, marketing, and tech. As much as I love the city, the pandemic changed a lot of things for me which led me to Texas. 

This blog is a place where I truly focus on being myself. You will get the real aesthetic facts here. I hope that you find all of that and more here. Oh, and remember, I’m always here to chat so feel free to leave a comment, email, or DM me!